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About us
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OUR MISSION  ...is to provide a safe, nurturing environment for young children, considering the natural curiousity and individuality of each learner.

OUR PROGRAM  ...provides developmentally appropriate activities and learning centers in science, math, music, art and dramatic play all year long!

is a comprehensive approach based on current neuroscience research using proven brain-based learning activities including:

 amastery learning
 ausing multiple intelligences,
 acooperative learning
 aproblem-based learning
 amovement education
 acreative expression

OUR DOORS ...are open for parents to visit us in person.  Daily reports and quarterly developmental progress reports are also provided.

OUR DIRECTOR & CO-OWNER... Lisa McNeil has raised children of her own.  She taught children of all ages for over 17 years.  She holds a master's degree in special education with a state endorsement in Infants through Pre-K.  She gained National Board Certification in 2003.  It has been a dream come true to open her own school and continue to touch the lives of children, helping them realize their own talents and potential.

A little school with the warmth of home!