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Environmental education at the early childhool level is vital for sowing the seeds of sustainable living for future generations.  Each person, each business can do their part, even it it's just a little.  Our school models this approach by doing our small part to recycle and reduce unneeded waste.  We do not use disposable eating utensils or dinnerware.  Magnolia Preschool will host annual recycling drives and clothing and toy swaps.
We have proudly added environmental landscaping and pledge to protect the two patriarch oak trees that majestically stand on the grounds.  Our first graduating class will have the honor of naming the two grand oaks.  Students will learn about the ecological benefits of trees and how to be good custodians of the earth.
This spring students will plant organic vegetable and butterfly gardens.  Teachers will use the "teachable moments" to "sow seeds" for sustainable living, good nutrition and natural science.  Our balanced menu includes seasonal organic fruits and vegetables from local farmers, when possible. 

And finally, environmental activities for the home can extend further learning and fun.  The home connection reinforces our focus to reduce, reuse and recycle.